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In IT, the worst-case scenario is an unreliable network that is expensive to maintain.

That’s why every single one of our solutions is geared towards avoiding this scenario. We pride ourselves on having the knowhow to design, deliver and support systems and networks which remain dependable and cost-efficient, year in, year out.

With Ericom you can expect that the personnel looking after your needs are certified experts, some of whom have been with us for over 20 years.

We’re also vendor agnostic, meaning that we use hardware and software from a range of Tier 1 suppliers. Whereas other IT companies may try and push the sole brand they have a partnership with, Ericom works with a range of partners to create the best possible system for your needs.

We know this tailored approach works best, because our existing clients tell us so, and it’s what makes Ericom trusted, safe and easy to deal with.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

The key to building optimal infrastructure is to recognise that the combination of hardware and software needs to serve the specific needs of an individual business.

We leverage our relationships with Tier 1 vendors to create infrastructure solutions and services that will serve your business well, because they were crafted specifically for your operation.

Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C)

UC&C is the art of marrying traditional telephony and email platforms with the latest in instant messaging, video conferencing and enterprise collaboration tools. This involves the seamless unification of voice, video, data and mobile applications, to create a system that will streamline communication across multiple pathways.

A UC&C system can allow staff to locate, communicate and collaborate with internal team members and stakeholders, even from wireless devices. It can also reliably connect customers with the personnel they need at a time critical moment.

With the advantages of enhanced cooperation, reduced transaction times and boosted productivity, a UC&C solution can give your business the competitive edge needed to service clientele, improve workflow and connect with stakeholders in ways you only dreamed of.

Each UC&C is different, and we take the time to customise our solution to the individual needs of your business, staff and clientele.


Networks are our bread and butter. When you work with Ericom, you can be confident that your network is fast, reliable, secure and optimised for your individual operational needs.

We specialise in consultancy, design and implementation of:

  • Core enterprise networks: LAN, data centres & disaster recovery sites.
  • Campus area networks: multi-tier network architecture, network redundancy security and scalability.
  • Network management: platform development for monitoring network performance and allowing management from a central configuration.

Wireless LAN Infrastructure

It’s a wireless world and that means your workplace too must be able to accommodate a growing number of company, employee and clientele devices. Ericom specialises in crafting tailored wireless infrastructures that won’t just allow for smooth performance today, but will be ready to scale as soon as necessary.

WLAN services include:

  • Wireless architecture designs
  • Wireless access points
  • RF design
  • RF site surveys to determine optimal access points
  • Wireless LAN controllers
  • Network services management
  • Guest networks
  • Network security

Enterprise Mobility

Ericom can help you mange the mobile computing needs of your workplace and its employees. Each strategy we develop is designed to address the increased demands on your network stemming from the rapid introduction of smartphone and tablet devices, as well as the implications of requiring a mobile-friendly workflow. Our approach is to empower your employees and allow them to take full advantage of the benefits and diversity afforded by mobile computing in the workplace.

Ericom can work with you to create a secure wireless network, allowing for data and voice traffic to be seamlessly integrated into your existing core network.

Video Conferencing

Open up your office to the world via a class-leading video conferencing system. Lag is a drag and flexibility is key, and Ericom can ensure you’re outfitted with a smooth system that connects you to anyone, anywhere at any time.

Hosting & Co-location

Ericom specialises in the cost-effective implementation of secure hosting services. Rest easy, knowing that your critical IT infrastructure is hosted securely and offsite, managed by an expert team of network technicians.

We offer both shared and dedicated rack services; shared services suit businesses with a minimal amount of equipment, whilst dedicated racks are more readily-scaled and afford the added benefit of being locked behind an extra layer of security.

Call Recording

Call recording is your opportunity to increase customer satisfaction, improve employee training, ensure compliance and manage accountability in the workplace. But without the right system, it’s easy to feel like you’re simply generating data, with no easy way of utilising it.

Our call recording solutions give you the power of having thousands of recordings at your fingertips. Advanced search via metadata tagging, as well as the ability to zero in on calls with long pauses, particular words or phrases, will ensure your call bank doesn’t feel like an insurmountable mountain of data.

Contact Centre

We know that the customer is the #1 priority, because it’s a mantra we practice ourselves. Your capacity to provide a personal and efficient service depends on having a contact centre that helps rather than hinders. Ericom specialises in developing and delivering multichannel contact centres, capable of intelligent routing and proactive contact management.

Customised contact centres can feature:

  • Inbound/outbound call capacity
  • Multimedia capabilities
  • Social media monitoring
  • Screen and voice recording
  • Workforce management

Unified Messaging

The desire to have a single stream of information – encompassing email, voicemail, video messaging, SMS and fax – is easy to understand. By bringing together all of your information feeds, we can help you boost focus, productivity and reduce lost time spent jumping between individual platforms.

Ericom can also set up any of your work and personal devices to receive this single stream of information from wherever you happen to be.

Interactive Voice Response & Speech Recognition

Voice recognition software has now made it possible to use a variety of inbound telephone information services with increased speed and convenience. The applications for customer services can extend to information requests, itinerary checks, product enquiries, order statuses and more.

By eliminating the need to use keypad entry, IVR can provide a smoother and more natural customer experience, ensuring your inbound services need not be staffed round the clock by human operators.

The same technology can also be applied to outbound calls, allowing you to notify your customer base, subscribers and members via phone, en masse, without the need for an operator.

We are experienced in the development and implementation of IVR technology within a range of contexts, with special attention being paid to the customer experience throughout the entire development cycle.

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