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Managing today’s threat landscape

Cybercrime is the number one economic crime in Australia. Businesses have been experiencing incidents at double the global rate over the past two years.

With the consumerisation of IT and the rise of Mobility: people want to use technology to improve the way they do everyday business. This increases pressure on IT departments to do more and changes the way they manage risk; the key trends and things people want are:

  • Intelligently reduce risk by offloading high risk traffic
  • Reduce their threat profile
  • Reduce the to their time to detection
  • How to effectively leverage Threat Intelligence and why
  • 91% Of breaches start with spear phishing.
  • 146 Days Average time to identify a breach.
  • 82 Days Average time to contain a breach.
  • $4 Million Global average cost of a data breach.

Threat Intelligence

Technology to automate defences by tackling malware, reducing Internet based threats, identifying hidden threats within and protecting core business assets to deliver effective visibility & detection, a faster response time and a broader understanding of threats already in the network.

Threat management

Protecting core business applications, users and critical business data by automating visibility & detection, to mitigate threats facing and already in the network.

Secured communications collaboration & crisis management

World leading and trusted data protection with military-grade encryption, secure app-level security policies to safeguard your most sensitive data.

Data & Messaging security classification & management

Protected Markings, Encryption at rest, DRM, Legal hold protected Discovery & Distribution: based on the Federal Government Protective Security Manual and State based Protective Security Policies.

Mid-Market Safety Assessment

Vulnerability assessment assess systems, networks or applications for weaknesses and known security vulnerabilities. Protecting against malware, SSL issues and other network-related vulnerabilities, other services are:

  • Penetration testing for vulnerabilities and risks
  • Critical Web Application Assessment for hosts and services
  • Critical Business Infrastructure Assessment
  • Critical Wireless Infrastructure Assessment
  • Ransomware Remediation
  • Tool Fraud Readiness Assessment

Social engineering

Leveraging the power of your users to educate them as well as to reduce your exposure and mitigate the risk or email borne attacks.

Ericom Security:

Effective security doesn’t just happen. Our design principles are based on the notion that your outcomes must allow your users to effectively work and contribute to your business without the fear of being impacted by Cybercriminals or wayward internal users. Our focus is to augment your services so your business continues 24x7 without the need to change the way people work today. Security is a basic business expectation. Our experience comes from 23 years in managed ICT services.

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