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You know something is a part of everyday life when it becomes a part of the vernacular and it’s irrefutable that data security breaches is a very familiar term to pretty much everyone these days. That’s why knowing the ins and outs of network security is vital.

Experts in the field say that each year the nature of data hacks changes and 2017 will be no different. Predictions in relation to how network security will need to adjust to these changes include evidence that stolen data will be altered before it transitions from one machine to another, affecting all elements of operations.

In the 90’s, cyber-attacks were predominately from individuals for small personal gains and to prevent boredom. Today, these individuals are now serious hackers with great financial rewards by selling off stolen IDs’, personal data and business IP. With the uptake of mobile devices, the problem has become worldwide. Mobile devices are being utilized at both a personal and business level and cybercrime has become an issue that touches everyone. 

This creates a new spread of risks that the security industry has not seen before, and that’s just one aspect. Mobile is the fastest growing enterprise vulnerability.  So how secure is your private company data if the mobile phone is lost or compromise? 

It’s also confronting to realise data attacks have the potential to bring a company to its knees. Recently the Mirai malware nearly threw a million users across Europe  off the internet and earlier in October, this same malware brought parts of the US East Coast offline  as well – this clearly demonstrates the increase of risk for any business network. 

Experts say, and we agree, that what’s at stake is trust. Decision-making by senior government officials, corporate executives, investors and consumers will be impacted if they cannot trust the information they send and receive are treated in a secure and confidential manner.  Would your brand survive if your key client’s data was hacked because your network did not have sufficient protection? Losing the trust of your clients because their data was stolen can cost your business much more than the impact of the attack.

One of the first things you need to consider, examine and evaluate is the current security landscape and how it can impact your business. The landscape a year ago, can be a very different environment to the landscape today – it takes on average 300 days for a hacker to be discovered and then a further 100 days for the issues to be fixed! This is when knowing the ins and outs of network security is vital. Be prepared to hear more about data breaches in 2017. Being prepared with the right network security solution, you can have complete faith that your data is protected and so is your client’s information.  Not only saving you money and time from a potential attack but giving you peace of mind that there won’t be bigger implications that could happen should an attack occur. 

To find out more about network security and how it could benefit your business, you can contact us here to speak with a technical expert.


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