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Overall, it’s been a positive year for IT managed services in Australia with more organisations getting on board and more of the same is expected in 2017.

IT managed services involves proactively outsourcing management responsibilities and IT functions as part of a strategic method to improve operations and cut expenses.

Experts say the need to invest in IT to support digital business is more urgent than ever and that more and more business leaders know they need to boost their digital presence or face becoming irrelevant in a competitive market.

In part, the success of IT managed services comes from the realisation that businesses need an insurance policy for their IT department. Businesses today are running even when office doors are closed. IT managed services can provide that assurance that systems are being watched and issues resolved while your company runs while you’re asleep, you’re away or simply focused on other matters. 

Lately, there’s been an influx of managed IT services required for specific IT solutions – like when an organisation rolls out a unified communications platform with VoIP telephony, video conferencing, cloud services and the like. The need for more specific expertise for enterprise platforms is necessary when rolling out technology solutions that businesses rely heavily on for daily operations.

Predictions for this year were that worldwide spending for IT services would increase by about 2 per cent to about $929 billion, up from $910 billion in 2015.

Those predictions continue to suggest that the trend remains positive with one survey stating that by 2019 managed services spending could account for almost 20 per cent of all IT services spending around the world.

Part of the continued view that growth remains buoyant for 2017 is because research has found that only about 50 per cent of companies use IT managed services. So there is still plenty of scope for IT managed services to benefit from the many opportunities created as global enterprises undergo continued digitisation in 2017.

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