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An aspect of your new working relationship with your Managed Service Provider (MSP) is being aware that some MSP’s also act as voice service providers and others are IT service providers. You’ll need to decide what is best for your business.

Unified communications systems (UC) represent a large part of business success nowadays and many MSP’s have recognised this. As a result there are a decent number of them that as well as looking after your IT needs also have the ability to offer a unified communications (UC) system which can include messaging capabilities, video conferencing and voice capabilities like IP telephony. This can be of great benefit to your business, including during periods of growth or times when you are more concerned with keeping within budgets. 

So what do you get with voice service providers? The convergence of voice and data can facilitate the implementation of such cutting-edge applications as unified messaging, multimedia conferencing, collaborative contact centres and interactive multimedia response systems. These applications help organisations realise business gains by improving operational efficiencies, increasing productivity, and enhancing both user and customer satisfaction.

An IP telephony system allows for scalability like never before. IP telephony ensures telecommuting employees become more productive by granting access to all the capabilities of the telephony software. What’s more, your staff is free to move around as they please and still be able to take and make their required calls as they’re able to log in from any location.

As an IP telephony system is predominantly software based, there is less need for maintenance that you get with traditional hardware-based systems, allowing you to free up hours to utilise somewhere else in your business.

It’s often the case that for businesses with this technology in place to consistently report increased productivity and collaboration among employees. IP Telephony solutions provides immediate cost reductions in both staffing and maintenance of hardware and software.  And because it runs on your network, you really need a provider that knows both voice and data thoroughly.

MSPs are in a particularly good position right now because many enterprises are realising it’s not so easy to manage VoIP networks and applications in-house. And it’s clear that more organisations want a third party to manage these solutions and networks for them. Recent statistics found that among companies using MSPs, about 33 per cent entered an agreement with them in part for VoIP services.  

So remember there is a choice between voice or IT service providers – decide what is best for your business and take it from there.   

To find out more about a Voice or IT service providers and how they benefit your business, check out this new eBook on Managed Services to help you decide.


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