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As you begin your new relationship with your Managed Services Provider (MSP) you will want to be vigilant about ensuring the road to a smooth transition is as problem and worry-free as possible – so how to identify the key elements before transitioning to managed services is very much a part of that.

A key element to examine before transitioning to managed services is looking at what kinds of technology you’re working with and having an MSP there to advise you if it’s profitable for you to invest in an upgrade. In the decision-making process,this information could be priceless.

But there are other key elements you need to identify and discuss before transitioning to managed services.  Obviously, it is a good idea to make it clear to your MSP what goals your company is trying to achieve collectively, not just technologically. A good MSP may be able to provide you with recommendations that will support your business strategy for now and the future.

A smooth transition to managed services requires meticulous planning, execution, and performance measurement and it involves people, processes, technology, infrastructure and tools. To succeed it calls for effective project and people management, good governance and adoption of best practices and standards. The challenges that are typically faced when managing a smooth transition to managed services can be:

·       Insufficient information – it’s vital that you and your MSP are both clear about what you expect during your transition to managed services;

·       Absence of knowledge sharing – this can be overcome by ensuring plans are developed to a high level of detail so it’s clear to both parties exactly what is happening, how, by whom and when;

·       Lack of planning – to avoid this pitfall, align operating processes with your MSP and be sure that the industry best practices that you agreed on with this contract are implemented;

·       Timeline pressures – transitioning to managed services can take up to three months and as the deadline nears, this can cause breakdowns in new systems being implemented;

·       Lack of people management – clearly, you want to avoid this if you can. Be clear from the start about who is the go-to person or team responsible for which task.

Once the transition to managed services has been reached, the next step is for your team to step away from the daily operation, start managing the outcomes and see the new business relationship flourish.

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